Welcome to the online presence hub of the Kitante 1L-7V Class of 1995.

Who are we? Family

We have known each other from or before the close of the eighties, through the nineties, and beyond.

We had an interesting time in the years that were our primary school tenure – much of it marked by schism. We were silly children.

We have reconnected from across the years and seas and intend to make something the relationships we have cultivated.


Let us make Mr. Batwala proud.



Gather Around

(Internal notice)

Coming soon:

Weekly Wire, CWCircular, CWC Directory, Marketplace, Idea Forum, and more.


Member benefits:

Marketing, eCommerce facilitation, group discounts, collective action.


Member services:

Consulting, event syncing and notifications, file repository, archiving group communications, project appraisal and coordination,web presence management, and more.




We Mean Business

More than just a reunified class of yesteryear, we are an eclectic bunch. Within our ranks are capable people from every line of work imaginable; a pool from which you are sure to find talent and qualification to match your needs. We shall soon launch a Marketplace and Directory from where you can source the all this to taste.



Oh, Come, Come.



© Kitante P1L-P7V 1995 Class